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Design Collection

What makes a centuries-old story? Innovation. The capacity for transformation has created an infinite plot that crosses and permeates Sicily. In this collection, Giacomo Alessi becomes the guardian of this evolution, and shapes objects that bring tradition into contact with contemporary trends and inspirations.

A never-ending journey

The artisan relationship with the material is a fertile contact of stories and fantasies that have generated myth for centuries. The same artisan wisdom is collected and preserved by Giacomo Alessi, who still listens to what stories ceramics might want to tell, at the touch of his hands.

Contemporary and vibrant

It is a living experience, a vital relationship that shapes new stories and opens up to the horizon of the present. It enriches it with new and original design works, precious icons that feed on contemporary inspirations.

Other Collections

Heritage Collection

A knowledge centuries old, a mythical language that will continue to speak to the present.


Home Collection

Each home tells a story to be lived to the full, every day.


Limited Editions

Some stories are unique, others inimitable: like this selection of Giacomo Alessi’s artworks.