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Deep colours return to light

Summer 2021

The house welcomes treasures that re-emerge from the depths in a generous gesture. And it is an explosion of colours.

After holding your breath, you emerge into the light. Like the saturated colours of this season, protagonists of the furnishing trends for summer 2021. Like the colours of every summer on earth, which cyclically explodes back into the sky. As did Colapesce, bearer of treasures, according to ancient legend.

Everyone knew he could hold his breath, Nicola called Colapesce. He would dive to find the freedom of the waves, and only re-emerge when he had found it, only to fill his eyes again with the bright colours of his land.

Everyone knew about Colapesce and eventually the word had reached the emperor himself. So, Frederick II wanted to put him to the test. He threw his scepter into the sea and made him retrieve it. He threw his crown further into the sea and had it recovered.

Then, he asked him to look for treasures in the depths of the sea, and Colapesce dived in, determined to find wonders not for his king, but for his people. And, in the depths, he found wondrous things.

Precious artefacts, unique works of craftsmanship forged by an ancient wisdom, yet immortal and contemporary. Rich, bright colours, saturated with life: the colours of beauty that does not hide itself, that finally explodes. 

Legend has it that after bringing this treasure to light, Colapesce returned to the abyss. No one knows why, but it was said to be a generous gesture. And it is said that he is still there, holding one of the three columns that support Sicily.

The beauty of summer is an explosion of life and love, a gift of the fruits of being together. And the home becomes a place of care and joy, of life and encounter. A place that holds treasures and life stories. A place that has guarded us and now urges us to emerge into the light.

The summer 2021 home trend makes these values shine by giving space to saturated colours, which shape complements and artefacts created to be experienced. Beauty is no longer an abstract concept, but a story to be told every day.

The Collections

Heritage Collection

A centuries-old knowledge, a mythical language that continues to speak to the present.


Design Collection

Ceramics that takes the shape of the present. And thus, shapes it.


House Collection

Each house tells a story to be lived to the full, every day.


Special Selection

Every story has its memorable moments. These are our milestones.