The tradition ?

Historical legacy with a new vision

From a new vision and renewed direction led by Claudio Alessi, the Manifattura Alessi brand was born.

A brand that collects a historical legacy of passion, high level of craftsmanship and design. It founds its origins in the ancient tradition of Caltagirone ceramics: each piece is unique and inimitable, the result of expert craftsmanship. An authentic product that encapsulates the essence of the Mediterranean.

Manifattura Alessi collects this heritage and drops it into the future, offering a refined and sophisticated style. It welcomes trends, responding to new needs to offer iconic products that speak a contemporary language.

Craftsmanship and design ?
Each piece is unique

Our ceramics

Our ceramics are fully handmade and decorated with precious glazes and fire annealing.
Any minor imperfections are a sign of our craftsmanship and attest to the authenticity of the product.

No machinery is used, but we use only the potter’s wheel and the hands of our craftsmen. Therefore, the process of making each piece is complex and takes many days.

Each product undergoes two kiln firings: the first allows the clay to be transformed into earthenware, and the second allows the pottery to be made.
Products with gold elements require a third firing to fix the decorations.

Fully handmade ?