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This iconic Centerpiece with Snails represents the quintessential Alessi ® Manifattura Heritage Collection.

From the Mediterranean design, a trademark of Manifattura Alessi ® production, in the polychrome shells it is possible to find all the craftsmanship of our historical production.


Centerpieces from the Heritage Manifattura Alessi ® Collection are a true must-have for your luxury home décor.


diameter 25 cm / diameter 30 cm


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Each Manifattura Alessi ® handcrafted product is unique, never the same, as it is totally made and decorated by hand.


Therefore, any discrepancies in shapes and colors are to be considered a merit, typical features of our craftsmanship, the creativity of the author and the high artistic content that each Manifattura Alessi piece brings.


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Weight 1 kg

Cm 30, Cm 25

Giacomo Alessi trading Srl
Largo Francesco Richini 6
20122 Milan – Italy


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